Youth Writers Workshop

Throughout the school year, Word As Bond (WORD) conducts a series of free creative writing workshops for Indianapolis area teens. In the workshops, writers are given a topic to write about for a short interval, and when that time is up they share their writing among the group. The workshops also include discussion of upcoming events in which writers can participate. Workshops are held two Saturdays each month at different locations in Indianapolis from 11A.M-1P.M. To participate in these workshops teens (13-17 years old) simply need to obtain parental permission. We're looking for as many excited minds as possible to join us in our learning and growing experience. Interested in YWW? Contact us here.

Brave New Voices

Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival convenes leading poets from around the world for workshops, slams, showcases, and civic participation. At the intersection of dynamic artistic presentation and engaged civic participation, Brave New Voices presents platforms for young people to share their stories and speak their hopes and dreams about the contemporary realities of their everyday lives. Join the Word BNV Team to meet and compete with poets from all over the world! Apply here.